Praying Mantis Tea Towel


Praying Mantis Tea Towel

This beautiful Tea Towel features Betsy’s original hand-painted watercolor design of several Praying Mantises.

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Praying Mantis Tea Towel. 100% Organic Cotton.

Betsy Olmsted is the woman behind her namesake brand known for its vivid watercolor textiles. Each item (tea towels and pillows) features Betsy’s original hand-painted watercolor designs: a sophisticated world of spirited creatures and vibrant flora, of vintage dreams and inky landscapes, of exaggerated colors and collected curiosities.

Betsy Olmstead’s Tea Towels feature Betsy’s original, hand-painted, watercolor designs and are 15” x 24” with twill hang loop. Made in India, they are 100% fine cotton slub and are machine washable on cold setting.

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Dimensions 15 × 26 in


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