Emily Bellefuil

Customer Service Representative

Emily Bellefuil is the newest addition to our Paramount Fabrics customer service team but comes from 20 years in the upholstery trade, so she was a superfast learner. Emily moved to Colorado from Minnesota 4 years ago, to marry her college sweetheart and began working at DSC shortly thereafter, as part of their Hi-Tech team.

Since moving into the customer service side of this business, as part of Paramount, Emily says her favorite things are her new team, working with our designers and watching their design ideas come to life in the workroom and, (said with a chuckle) “running after Abby”.

When not working, Emily can be found battling weeds in her garden of fruit trees, flowers and vegetables or enjoying a cold beer at one of the many small Colorado breweries. She has adapted well to Colorado living and enjoys the mountain views on her drive home. But, she does miss the beautiful tree-lined streets of her home in the twin cities.

As for Paramount, we are so happy she decided to stay with us. Her chipper personality and the dedication she applies to her new position has wowed and bolstered the rest us.

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