Order Forms

Downloadable PDF Quote and Order Forms

Order Forms

Please use the forms below to request quotes or place orders. FIRST DOWNLOAD THEM TO A FILE ON YOUR COMPUTER. DO NOT FILL THEM OUT DIRECTLY FROM THE WEBSITE OR THEY WILL NOT WORK PROPERLY. These forms are PDF Fillable and can be submitted directly to us by clicking on the green “email form” in the lower left corner of the form. You can also “print” the form for your records or “reset” the form, leaving your contact information intact, so the form can be saved to your computer and used repeatedly. All quote requests should be sent to quotes@paramountfabrics.com. Thank You!

Drapery Form

Drapery Quote and Order Form

Ripplefold Style Draperies

Ripplefold Draperies Quote and Order Form

Shades Form

Shades Quote and Order Form

Pillow & Cushion Form

Pillow & Cushion Quote and Order Form

Econoline Form

Econoline Quote and Order Form


Valance Quote and Order Form

Bedding Form

Bedding Quote and Order Form

Cornice Form

Cornice Quote and Order Form

Select Traverse Rod Form

Traverse Rod Quote and Order Form

Hardware Form

Hardware Quote and Order Form

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Forms Notice
Please do not fill out these FORMS on the website. They will not work properly.
1. Open Form. 2. Download and Save to a File on your Computer. 3. Close Website. 4. Open Form from the File you Saved on your Computer. 5. Complete and "SUBMIT or SEND FORM". 6. SAVE AS (a new Name using your Sidemark).